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We are open on 1st of MAY!

Dear Guests!

We are happy to announce that Fitnexx is open on 1st of May. This is the perfect time to enjoy your long weekend, relax and fill your day with joy and happyness. If you want to have fun, maintain your health, build up your strength, our Fitnexx Team guarantee joyfull and energetic classes.

Check our programme below:

04.29. SATURDAY: 9:15. G-Flex / Saci

10:30.Bodyform / V. Anna

04.30. SUNDAY: 18:00. BodyArt / Móni

18:00. TRX / Rita

18:00. Bodyform / Kata

19:00. Insanity / Dávid

19:00. Fit Jumps / V.Anna

05.01. MONDAY: 18:00. Bodyform / Edit

18:00. Insanity / Dávid

18:00. Trx/ Rita

19:00. BodyArt / Viki

19:00. Fit Jumps Dance - Power / Kata

Let’s move Together!!!


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