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Measurement of body fat percentage


If you would like to keep track and control your weight loss, it is practical to measure your body with out tool.


What are we measuring exactly?

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Water in your body

  • Muscle wight

  • Bone weight


The balance tool shows, how the muscle and body fat is divided in your body, both for the upper and the lower parts of the body. If one measures all this monthly, or at least somewhat regularly, than it can provide a perfect feedback on what direction he or she is going, whether everything is going according to the plans, or if there is something, that needs to change.


If you would like to try this service, please sign in via calling us, e-mailing us, sending us a message on Facebook, or registering in person at the Recepction’s Desk, so that we can discuss the best date for you!

Body Measurements
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