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Cross Training


Prepare for strengthening and cardio!


Cross Training is a workout method, where several knowledge from more different type of sports are used to improve conditional skills at the same time, or after one another. These skills and abilities are strength, speed, coordination, stamina, and flexibility. By mixing the different methods, the training becomes especially effective!


As the classes vary in terms of complexity, scope, and difficulty, leisure athletes as well as competitive athletes find the joy and challenge in it.


  • Full body workout using own body-weight and equipments (medicin ball, rope, kettlebell, trx, weight plates, or sliders)

  • Varied fitness class

  • There are stations, and in each station you perform different exercises, with which, the training also prepares your body for the load of everyday life

  • Joints are spared

When should you come?

  • For women and men

  • For couples and friends

  • If you are fit or would like to become fit fast

  • If you can handle challenges and a stronger cardiovascular load

  • If you would like to improve stamina

  • If you would like to gain more functional muscles

  • If you would like to lose weight

  • If you do not prefer choreographies

  • If you have already been to the gym, but did not reach the wanted effect

  • For runners, cyclists

Start the varied functional circuit trainings today! Prepare for good company, great party feeling, and a super effective training!

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