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The aim of bodyART is to create harmony between body and mind. It is a training method using exercise from yoga, kinesiotherapy, stretching and pilates combined with breathing techniques and relaxation. Comparing to yoga or pilates bodyART  has more flow and dynamism in the exercise routine. The goal of this class is to improve strength and flexibility, while reaching a healthy and functional body in the end. bodyART operates the body as a complex whole, it serves as a perfect opportunity for the so called “intelligent forming of the body”.


One important part of the training is the appropriate breathing technique, which if done right, helps mental relaxation. Another focus of the class is the conscious forming of the strength, by which not only the strength develops, but the flexibility, balance, stability, persistence and patience as well. The harmonic exercise is the basis of conscious existence, and in order for the muscle-movement to become harmonic, one has to develop the flexibility of the muscles and joints, has to improve the strength and stamina of the muscles, all for which, bodyART is the perfect exercise.


During the training the static and dynamic strength elements and the stretching exercises vary, to which bodyART adds a special breathing technique, creating the perfect harmony between training and relaxation. Mental well-being effects health positively, while the breathing technique (besides relaxing) assists our focus both for the inside and outside. The trinity of the perfect training, the philosophy of the movement system, and the body-mind harmony becomes full in this conception.


When should you come?

  • For women and men

  • For couples and friends

  • For all age-groups

  • Strengthens the deep muscles

  • Count on complex muscle work

  • Improves body-image and flexibility

  • Coordination and concentration develops

  • You can corrugate your everyday routine movements, and can prevent the pain of the back, hip and the joints

  • It helps in preventing sport injuries

  • Keep your mind and body healthy

  • Gets you out of your everyday routine

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