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These are trainings with barbells for those who would like to gain weight under control (to prevent injuries) with great music. You can choose the weights, that you wish to work with, this way setting your own level. For each muscle groups, we work with different weights. The classes are similar to a training in a gym, but much more exiting! The trainings always start with a warm-up block, and end with stretching.


You may enjoy many advantages of the total body workouts, such as fat burning even after finishing class! As developing the muscles, the solution will be aesthetic biceps and butt, well-defined shoulders, and eventually the absolutely attractive body! You will be experiencing going further step-by-step, you can prepare for using weights, improving strength and stamina, while burning calories on the maximum!

You will find challenge in it as an elite athlete as well!

When should you come?

  • For beginners with smaller weights

  • For advanced level guests with bigger weights

  • For any age-group

  • Great completion for cardio training

The favorite training types of men, and bless for ladies not being a fan of aerobics!


Fit-body,  Body Shaper, Bodyform in the Morning, Ball Training Max

Shape your critical zones with us, the focus is on the flatter abs, hips, thighs and butt! The flow of the class takes you, while you do not even notice and you are already pushing your limits! Easy to follow, with simple choreographies, or even without choreographies. Sometimes it uses equipment, such as fit ball, hand weights, or even water bottles.


For all age-groups!

When should you come?

  • If confidence is important for you

  • If you have trouble with your critical zones

  • If you would like to do something for yourself

  • If you know, that the aesthetic and well-proportioned body is not a gift, but a consequence of your hard work

  • If you have will-power and persistence

  • If the right posture is importsnt for you

  • If you would like to strengthen you deep muscles

  • If you do sanitary work

  • If you would like to lose weight

  • If you like Aerobics

  • For elite athletes and beginners



 Insanity, Fit Jumps

Extreme, but effective training types! Move your whole body, while improving your strength, speed, coordination, stamina and flexibility! Dynamic, fast, high-intensity classes, which are easy to follow and the fat burning is guaranteed!


As the trainings are different in complexity, range and difficulty, these can be a good fit for anyone from beginners to elite athletes!  

When should you come?

  • If you do not mind sweating

  • If you go crazy for cardio

  • If you like pushing your limits

  • If you are fitness lover

  • If you like challenges

  • If your heart is healthy and you like high-intensity trainings




Refresh your body and mind! Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, stability, persistence and patience, all in one training! Spare your joints, preserve the stability and mobility of your spine, reach the right body-posture and breathing technique, and release the problems of the locomotor system caused by the muscle tension.

When should you come?

  • Good for releasing stress

  • If you would like to pay careful attention to your body

  • Great completion of classes with cardio and weight-lifting

  • If you do sanitary work

  • If you experience back or hip pain

  • If you would like to try

  • For beginners and elite athletes

  • For all age-groups

  • If you would like to choose a training, for which your body will be grateful for

  • If you had enough of sweating

  • If you like to pay attention for yourself


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