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Come and gain muscles with our extremely effective HOT IRON classes, and the 2019 Well&Fit Trainer of the Year!


HOT IRON is a full-body barbell workout, with different weights (1,25kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg), based on the fitness level of the individual. Every class is perfectly planned by the Hot Iron System with music for the exercises. During group workouts, the participants are packing the dumbbells on a light weight bar to work on the major muscle groups of the whole body.


- Effective, systematic and fun

- Total body workout

- Helps losing weight

- Reduces the risk of diabetes, back pain, rheumatism, and heart disease

- Exercises increase your bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis

- Helps refreshing your mind


 Fantastic party-feeling and a super effective training!


When should you come?

  • For men and women

  • For couples and friends

  • For beginners and advanced guests

  • If you like barbell trainings

  • If you would like to gain muscle-weight

  • If you are looking for more defines muscles

  • If you do not prefer classes with jumping and choreography

  • If you already went to the gym, but did not reach your goal

  • Improves well-being

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