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Think about how many times a week you would be our guest and based on this, we will help you find the most favorable solution! Save 25%, buy a pass instead of a day ticket, move more for less!

4 suitable START passes (valid for 4 weeks, for any class type, one-time, only for new guests): 6,000 HUF

Membership card: 1000 HUF

Lost Card: 600 HUF


                                                     Normal                           Student         

Basic ticket and passes:

[Bodyform, Insanity, bodyART, Fit Jumps, Intensive spinal training, BodyART, Body & Mind]

Day ticket                                      1.800 HUF                       1700 HUF

1 month usage time:

4 suitable                                      6.200 HUF                     5 .800 HUF

5 week period of use:

8 suitable                                     11.600 HUF                    10.800 HUF

12 suitable                                   16.200 HUF                    15.000 HUF

Equipment-using tickets and passes:

[Any TRX, or circuit training, Ball Training Max, Cross Training, G-Flex, Hot Iron, Fit Mix]

Day ticket                                     2.200 HUF                       2.100 HUF

1 month usage time:

4 suitable                                     8.000 HUF                      7 .600 HUF

5 week period of use:

8 suitable                                    15.200 HUF                     14.400 HUF

12 suitable                                  21.600 HUF                    20.400 HUF

4 basic + 4 equipment-using suitable combined pass (1 month usage period): 13.400 HUF

Cardio ticket and pass (1-month usage period): 

Day ticket                                        990 HUF                        890 HUF

1 month pass                               6.900 HUF                    5.900 HUF

Personal training prices:

Individual - 1 person                           5.000 HUF/person

Couple - 2 people                                4.500 HUF/person

Small group - 3 people                     4.000 HUF/person

Preventive/post-injury rehabilitation exercises led by a physiotherapist: .8000 HUF

Monthly online basic price pass (1-month usage period): 6.000 HUF


Renting Fit Jumps shoes:  500 HUF

To rent a towel:                    400 HUF 

Coffee:                                    350 HUF

Rules for buying a season ticket:

  • Our 4 suitable passes are valid for 1 month from the first use!

  • Our 8, 12 and START passes are valid for 5 weeks from the first use!

  • Pass extension:
    If you run out of time, it is possible to extend the pass, the fee of which is 2.000 HUF. In this case, your purchased pass will be extended by another 1 month! You can extend it within 1 month after the expiration date, following that we are unable to extend previously purchased passes!

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