Our prices - from 06/11

OUR PRICES - from 06/11

Think about how many times a week you would be our Guest and based on that we will help you find the best solution for you!

                             Normal            Student


Basic Season ticket and passes (1 month validity period):

[Bodyform, Insanity, bodyART, Fit Jumps, Spine Exercise]

Ticket                1.490 HUF              1.390 HUF   

4 suitable           5.200 HUF        4.800 HUF

8 suitable           9.600 HUF        8.800 HUF

12 suitable        13.200 HUF       12.000 HUF

Equipment-using class season ticket and passes (1 month validity period):

[Ball Training Max, Cross Training, TRX, G-Flex, Functional Training, Hot Iron, Power Fit, 


Ticket:                     1.790 HUF              1.690 HUF

4 suitable           6.600 HUF        6.000 HUF

8 suitable                 11.600 HUF             10.400 HUF

12 suitable         15.600 HUF        14.400 HUF

4 basic + 4 equipment classes combined pass: 10.800 HUF

16 suitable universal pass (usable for all classes): 19.600 HUF

Cardio day ticket and passes (1 month validity period):         

Ticket                           990 HUF          890 HUF

1 month pass           6.900 HUF             5.900 HUF

Monthly basic online pass (1 month validity period): 5.000 HUF

RTM/Kanga ticket:                         1.700 HUF

Fit Jumps shoes:                                               400 HUF

Towel renting:                                                    400 HUF

Coffee:                                                                 350 HUF          

Rules for purchasing a lease:

  • Our passes can be used for 1 month from the date of first usage!

  • Season extension:
    If you run out of time, it is possible to extend your pass, which costs HUF 2,000. In this case, your purchased season ticket will be extended for another 1 month! You can extend it within 1 month after the expiration, after that we will not be able to extend the previously purchased passes!