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Fit jumps is a fitness training in special shoes/boots with strong, spring-loaded straps, it is a high-intensity class, where fat-burning is on top! These special boots reduce the risk of joint and spine injuries by 80%, so this training method can serve as a wonderful prevention tool as well.


Movement is basically sprinkling on these, which can be walking, jumping, a little bit of choreography, or even running. We start by warming up and then learn a choreography from basic steps. These steps are easy to follow, so we recommend it to anyone, who wants a fun and intense, exercise. We close the training with stretching.

Extreme fat burning!
Jump off stress in a great party feeling!


- Intense training

- Effective fat burning

- Faster metabolism, losing weight starts very soon

When should you come?

  • If you would like to try the Fit Jumps boots

  • If you like intense trainings with choreography

  • If you can handle challenges and a stronger cardiovascular load

  • If you would like to improve your stamina

  • If you would like to correct your body-posture

  • Reduces stress, generating endorphins in your body

  • Improves balance

  • Improves coordination abilities, while enjoying the great party feeling

  • The choreographies are easy to follow

  • Fun and motivates all age-groups

Great music and an amazing team is waiting for You!


If you do not have your own Fit Jumps boots, feel free to rent one at the reception’s area, just do not forget to bring long socks! Enjoy the fantastic bouncing with us! Jump and jump in a great party feeling! Extreme fat burning!

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