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Give your maximum and step over your limits!

- Intense interval trainings

- Extreme, but effective

- High-intensity and low-intensity blocks vary

- The special addition in Insanity is that, during the low-intensity blocks, the pulse does not go under 120

- After the trainings, the organism uses more calorie for regeneration, compared to a simple running

- Effective fat burning

- Fast metabolism, easy to lose weight

- Exercises with own body-weight

- Total body workout, aesthetic and more proportionate body is easy to reach


When should you come?

-  If you are fit

-  If you can handle challenges and a stronger cardiovascular load

-  If you would like to improve stamina

-  For losing weight

-  If you do not prefer classes with choreography

-  For runners


Step out of your comfort zone and be part of an amazing and crazy workout! Get addicted to it!

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