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Functional Circuit Training


  • Prepare for strengthening and cardio exercises!

  • A varied full body workout using own body-weight and other equipment

  • There are stations, and in each station you perform different exercises, with which, the training also prepares your body for the load of everyday life

  • Joints are spared

When should you come?

  • For men and women

  • Couples and friends

  • If you are fit, or would like to become fit quickly

  • If you can handle challenges and stronger cardiovascular load

  • If you would like to improve your stamina

  • If you would like to gain more muscles

  • If you would like to lose weight

  • If you do not prefer classes with choreography

  • For runners and cyclists


Start this varied functional circuit training class today! Prepare for good company, great party feeling and a very effective training!

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