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The so wished aesthetic and perfectly proportioned body is easy to reach with this class!

  • The focus is on the CRITICAL ZONES: stomach, abs, butt, hip, thighs and calves

  • Additionally, thanks to the exercises using your own body weight and the variety of equipment used, not only some muscle groups develop, but your whole body will be stronger

  • Get prepared for an amazing party feeling!


  • Similarly to the classic aerobic classes, this training also starts with an intense 10 minute warm-up block, followed by a stretching section, preparing the appropriate muscle groups for the workout. Next, usually the functional basic strengthening choreography will bring the pulse to the fat-burning range, but we often use the INTERVALL training method as well. Training regularly, the accelerated metabolism and the goal-oriented exercise will help to succeed in reaching the so wished physique.

  • This type of training also reduces stress and can prevent depression as well.

Bodyform CORE

  • Slower type of training, less sweaty, rather a developer with conscious exercises. Besides the usual critical zones, it moves the muscle groups belonging to the stomach, abs, hips and the upper body, while correcting body-posture as well. Let back pain go, and get prepared for flatter abs and thinner hips! This type of training will assist you in terms of other classes as well, as its variable exercises are great completions and additions for any other type of fitness classes as well.


When should you come?

  • - If you would like to become more fit and healthy

  • - If you would like to lose weight or gain muscles

  • - If you are looking for a quick changer

  • - If you are already in shape, or you would like to get in shape

  • - If you like challenges and you are persistent

  • - If you like training in various ways, and you are open for new steps and exercises

  • - For all age-groups

  • - Ideal mother-daughter or friend-friend event

  • - If you like good company and you are ready to exercise with great music

  • - You will be able to see the result quickly!

The flow of the class takes you, while even you do not notice, you are pushing your boundaries constantly! It’s addictive!

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