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Open classes at Fitnexx!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Dear guests!

Do you still feel like you got some free time on Sunday, September 26th?

Well, if this is the case, we have a fantastic idea for you! Come and feel free to join us for a wonderful Open Day at Fitnexx!

Try even 4 different classes for the price of one! Registration fee: 1000.-HUF

26/09/2021 Sunday Downstairs: - 9:00 Gymstick (S. Zsófia) - 9:50 Bodyform (Anna, S. Zsófi) - 10:40 Fit Jumps (Szandra, Anna) - 11:30 Insanity (Dávid)

Upstairs: - 9:00 Cross Training (Saci) - 9:50 Ball Training Max (Lia) - 10:40 Spine Exercise (Lia) - 11:30 bodyART (Viki)

TRX room: - 9:00 TRX Plus (Péter) - 9:50 TRX (Saci) - 10:40 Functional Circuit Training (Máté)

Please do not forget to sign in using any of these tools: +36 20 539 00 00 In Person Facebook - or via this link:

The event can take only a limited amount of people, so please, if you know that you can come, sign in beforehand!

Feel free to choose from the colorful collection of our classes! See you there!


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