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NEW OPPORTUNITY, Body Control Complex program at Fitnexx!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

NEW OPPORTUNITY, Body Control Complex program at Fitnexx!

The basis of the Body Control Complex program is a vigorous body-shaping training in which mobility, stability, flexibility, endurance and strength-building exercises play an important role, with which we strive to improve the daily routine and the incorrect posture due to work!

We overemphasize positions we rarely take in everyday life! This will help minimize the discomfort in certain problematic postures!

Paying attention to our posture makes the position of the whole body more optimal, which can help you achieve better sports performance and reduce the risk of injury! It also allows for an effective breathing pattern!

The program runs from Monday, March 21 for 3 months at the following times:

Monday, Wednesday 16:00 with Judit

Friday 16:00 with Edit

We are offering you a DISCOUNT package offer for the program, in which case, in addition to the purchase of three12 suitable passes for 3 months - HUF 39,600, we will give you a personal fitness consultation as a gift for each 12 times passes!


If you want to join the classes during the program with your existing pass, come on, this option is also a great choice!

Invest in your health, beauty and love of sports! We look forward to seeing you!


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