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SIGNING IN! Please note, that registration is only needed for small-group classes, which use some kind of equipment, which limits the number of available spaces, such as TRX, G-Flex, Cross Training, Ball Training Max, Power Fit. For all the other classes, feel free to come spontaneously, without signing in!

If you would like to train in more flexible hours, or during a holiday, you can do that ONLINE on the following page: If you have not registered just yet, please do that under the menu titled Registration on our website!

If you would like to buy a new monthly ticket for our ONLINE trainings, please contact us via phone, messaging or sending us an email! Our online bank account payment system is not yet working, until this can be used, we are kindly asking for your patience.

Our ONLINE 10 occasions fitness card costs 10.000,-HUF, with which you can participate on both online and in-person classes. There is also a 1 month - unconditional fitness card option available, which costs 5000,-HUF, with this you are welcome to participate on our online classes only.

The monthly tickets you can buy via transferring the money to the bank account number down below:


CIB: 10700055-47897700-51100005


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