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Christmas Gift Card

Christmas is here again, and you have to think real hard year by year what kind of present to come up with for your loved ones and friends?

You would like to give something special and personal? And of course, no one mentioned, not even by accident what on earth they wish to get for Christmas?

We are showing you and amazing idea, our gift card, in which case the amount or type of monthly pass you give, is also up to you! It is guaranteed, that this will be an effective and joyful present!

This year avoid the crowded shopping centers, get the presents in time, and smile about the ones, who do last-minute shopping, running around from shop to shop, so that in the end, they can just find a present, that turns out not to be useful ever for the person given.

Choose experience and health as a gift!

Find out more and purchase the gift card at our Reception's Desk!


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