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Holiday schedule!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Christmas has arrived again, the celebration of love, and we hope that you can spend many many moments in the company of your family filled with delicious dishes, happiness, and relaxation!

We are also preparing with a little surprise for you, a real special Holiday Schedule!

The program will go as follows:

24/12 Friday, 25 Saturday: CLOSED

26/12 Sunday:

6:30pm Bodyform

31/12 Friday:

9:30am Bodyform, Hot Iron 10:00am TRX 10:30am Fit Jumps, G-Flex

As for our New Year's celebrating classes, we are inviting everyone for a little champagne party at the end of the classes, so that we can welcome the New Year together as well!

Before the Holidays until 23/12, between Christmas and New Year's from 27/12-30/12, and from 02/01, we welcome you with our normal schedule!

We can not wait to spend the Holiday trainings with you, and we wish you a very special, fantastic and amazing Christmas!

Wishing you a very nice Holiday season!


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