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22/05 - FITT SUNDAY - 18:00-19:00

there is nothing better, than the real Fitnexx party feeling at our most recent upcoming event, FITT SUNDAY, which definitely makes the most out of the last day of your weekend!

May 22nd, SUNDAY 18:00-19:00

Starting from 18:00, you will have the chance to choose from 4 different type of classes, this way everyone finds the type of training, which suits them best!

What kind of trainings you can choose from? - INSANITY - TRX -FIT JUMPS + BODYFORM TRAINING OUTSIDE!

This is the absolute best way to spend time with your partner, family, or friends, as everyone can participate in the kind of training, that he or she wants, and this time, making your schedule more easy, classes will start at the same time!

Let's make Sunday special! We can not wait to see you there!


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