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Power FIT

Power FIT

The training either starts with Tabata, or joint mobilization, the choice is up to you, but be prepared for an extreme strengthening training, moving the whole body! Forget about being bored, as the class involves using a lot of different equipment, such as weights, TRX rope, or even kettlebell!


As a specialty, this training type is known by its duality! Do you prefer jumping? Tabata is for you! Rather you are looking for something less jumpy and more strengthening? In this class, you find it! As you might know, people often say, that opposites are attracted to each other, well for this class, this is definitely true!


The class guarantees for everyone to find their preferences, no matter what the goal shall be! Great music, a fantastic team and the trainer of the year is waiting for you!

When should you come?

  • For men and women

  • For couples and friends

  • For all age-groups

  • If you like jumping, but strengthening as well

  • If you would like to lose weight, but gain muscles as well

  • If you can deal with challenges, and a stronger cardiovascular load

  • If you are looking for a varied class

  • If you would like to improve your stamina

  • If you are looking for more defined muscles

  • If you would like to train with the 2019 Well&Fit trainer of the year!

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