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Training without limitations at Fitnexx!

We are happy to let you know, that training without limitations is finally back at Fitnexx!

We cannot wait to welcome you with the following services:

  • Participation at group classes

  • Personal Training

  • Unique exercising

Additionally, many new equipments are waiting for you, such as TRX suspension trainers and brand new matrasses, but we are adding more and more classes to our schedule as well!

Training safely: In order for everyone to be able to exercise in a safe environment, please follow the regulations below. In case of breaking these rules may entail a ban from the fitness centrum. When entering our fitness facility, please do not forget to bring:

  • Your Fitnexx registration card (if you already have one

  • A towel (you can also rent one at the Reception’s Desk)

  • A change of shoes and comfortable training outfit!

Using the sport rooms, and participating at fitness classes:

  • Using towel is obligatory (for the sport machines and mattresses as well)

  • A set of change of shoes is needed

  • Disinfecting the mattresses and any other equipment is strongly expected.

What we do for the safety of our guests:

  • Increased cleaning throughout the gym, using antivirus chemicals

  • Our ventilation system works at a 100% with fresh air, and we also open the windows often

  • The filters of our ventilation system have been changed, and the air conditioners have been cleaned by a specialist

  • The time of the group classes have been reduced by 5 minutes in order for the equipments to be cleaned and disinfected between the classes.

Thank you for your help in keeping these regulations and making the exercise joyful and safe both for yourself and everyone else as well!



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