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INTIMATE GYMNASTICS course that can be important for every woman!

We promise in the workout nothing embarrassing will happen, but believe me can work wonders! Be brave and read on, believe me it's worth it!

What is this program like?

The intimate gymnastics, the gymnastics of the pelvic floor muscles, which must be trained like the other muscles of the body in order to maintain and strengthen their proper strength!

The muscles of the pelvic floor support the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, play a role in achieving orgasm and prevent dripping of urine!

The strength, flexibility and weight of these small muscles start to decrease around the age of 25-30 ....

  • Mainly as a result of a sedentary lifestyle

  • Weakening can lead to hormonal imbalance, childbirth, physical work, improper breathing and even over-training!

The most common stress or stress incontinence can occur during pregnancy, after childbirth, or especially at a changing age!

  • In addition, the strengthening of the vaginal sphincter has a positive effect on the quality of sex life!

  • It is essential to use intimate exercise on a daily basis for the proper functioning of the hind muscles!

Intimate gymnastics can be especially important:

  • Stress in case of cough, sneezing in case of incontinence

  • Over 40 years

  • In preparation for childbirth

  • For postpartum lumbar and vaginal regeneration

  • In case of overweight

  • For sedentary workers

  • Regular running in case of gym training

During the classes led by the physiotherapist, we can gain an insight into the location of the pelvic floor muscles and learn about the causes and prevention of various urinary incontinence!

After that, the tournament is based on Kegel exercises, which consist of professionally recognized, science-based exercises!

During the lessons we strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a complex way, we train the deep abdominal and trunk muscles closely connected to the pelvic muscles, we learn to hold the pelvis correctly!

As a result, we support the development of the correct posture! Our goal is to make the pelvic floor muscles feel, become aware and stronger!

The training times start at 8:00 in the morning or at 14:00 in the afternoon by prior arrangement!

The price of the course is 48,000 HUF (16 times - 2 times a week / 2 months)

We can guarantee 12 places for the course, tap into the vacancies today!


Less awkward minutes and more joy! We look forward to seeing you!

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