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The Baracsy method, Dynamic Smile Training (dsmile training), begins where traditional speech therapy ends. The Baracsy method is based on speech therapy, but its effectiveness goes beyond that. During the developments, we combined myofunctional and orofacial therapy, special education, speech technique, respiratory therapies, functional orthodontics, respiratory therapy, pilates theory and practical experience.


The method not only focuses on the specific problem area, but also takes into account the whole body and the relationships between functions. With intense movement exercises and orofacial training, it returns the patient to a kind of initial state, clearing it of any “faulty” deposits: it brought with it developmental abnormalities, improperly fixed habits, injuries acquired during life, upset muscle balance. In this cleansed state, it retrains the nervous system to perform that function, now in a way that works.


Thanks to the qualifications of our trainer, Dr. Judit Kálovics, a dentist, orthodontist and sports instructor , she leads individual and small group trainings at a high professional level.

  • Individual training: 199,000 ft

  • Small group training: 150,000 ft

Duration of trainings: 10 times (10x 60 minutes / week)

We start the groups continuously, in 7-11 and 11-16 year olds, ideally with 3-6 people!

Feel free to contact Dr. Judit Kálovics with your questions and registration and apply now at the following telephone number: +36304617232

We look forward to hearing from you!

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