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Patented formula containing incense, myrrh and colostrum.

Renarthro Tablet: 11,900
Renarthro Oil: 10,900
Renarthro Ice-Gel: 7.990, -

It effectively protects the health of your joints and bones!

As a result of pathological processes, injuries and aging, our joints are subject to gradual wear and tear. The active ingredients in Renarthro, derived from incense, myrrh and bovine colostrum, protect the health of your joints and quickly and effectively
reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Its reliability has been proven for centuries!
Incense and myrrh as aromatic resins have been used as a folk remedy for centuries. The texts of the Bible, the Egyptian papyri, the Vedas, and the Qur’an all test mention of incense and myrrh. The wise men of the east - the three kings - Gaspar, Menyhért and
Boldizsár was given incense and myrrh as a gift to the newborn Jesus. In addition to gold at the time, these two materials were the most valuable gifts. Modern science has confirmed that incense contains boswellin acid, which has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It has also been shown that myrrh extract contains active substances that inhibit the action of the enzymes responsible for cartilage wear and cartilage destruction (collagenase, hyaluronidase).

Colostrum is the milk produced by the mammary glands in mammals in late pregnancy or just before delivery.

The immune and growth factors and other important nutrients in colostrum strengthen the immune system, maintain the health and vitality of newborns and increase their growth.

Colostrum contains various immune factors, such as immunoglobulin and lactoferrin, as well as proline-rich polypeptides. A special property of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) is that they act as signaling molecules and have an immunomodulatory effect.
that is, they activate or deactivate the immune system as needed.

The colostrum in Renarthro is processed in a patent-protected manner that removes inactive fats and increases the amount of proline-rich polypeptides. As a result, it contains 3-4 times more proline-rich polypeptide (PRP) than other colostrum.

The composition we have developed containing incense and myrrh extract and colostrum is unique in the world and is protected by patents. The patented innovation of Farmavita doo is that the effectiveness of Renarthro does not lie in the cumulative effect of the individual components, but in the synergy in which the effect of the individual components is enhanced through the interaction with each other.

Why take Renarthro instead of outdated glucosamine and chondroitin-based products?

To regain the health and flexibility of your joints.

Renarthro quickly reduces pain and inflammation and helps you recover  the health and flexibility of your joints. The effect can be felt after only a few days, as opposed to  with glucosamine- and chondroitin-based products that take effect within 30-60 days.

It contains only natural ingredients and rarely causes side effects or allergies  reaction to glucosamine / chondroitin, which often has serious side effects  causes to individuals allergic to marine organisms.

The collection of incense and myrrh does not harm the environment, as opposed to  glucosamine / chondroitin produced from fish, mussels and sharks,  destroying endangered animal species.

Renarthro combines the use of incense, myrrh and milk proteins with a new and unique formula.  Through the interaction with each other, the effect of each component is amplified.

Get it today!

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