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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Start the Spring vigorously, and spend the first weekend of March with us at our FREE BEAUTY AND HEALTH DAY! Try as many trainings as possible, and be part of an amazing experience!

05/03/2022, Saturday

The program will go as follows: Downstairs: - 9:15 Gymstick - 10:15 Bodyform - 11:15 Fit Jumps - 12:15 Bodyform with X-co

Upstairs: - 9:15 Spine Exercise - 10:15 Ball Training Max - 11:15 TRX - 12:15 Hot Iron

TRX room: - 9:15 TRX Plus - 10:15 Functional Circuit Training

EXTRA opportunities:

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Product introduction

  • Fitnexx gym bag sale

  • 12+1 pass sale

Additionally, available cosmetic treatments by Golden Shape salon: - HI-SCULPT ELEKTROMAGNETIC BODYFORMING MACHINE The newest electromagnetic method appplied, so that you could shape your body in the most efficient way! As a result of the continuous contractions, the inner building structures get changed! - THERMAGE - radiofrequency treatment, which using heat helps to reproduce collagen, resulting in the skin becoming much more tight, while also having an effect on the contraction of the pores!

Participation requires registration, which feel free to do using any of the sources down below: +36 20 539 00 00 In person Facebook

Organizers keep the right for any changes. Participators agree, that at the event they might be recorded, or photographed in the form of videos or pictures, which may be presented on the website of Fitnexx or any other partners' online media site, who cooperate with the event.

Choose from our classes, and find your favorite! See you there!


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