Kanga MOM / Kanga Training

KangaMom (Shaping)
Kangatraining (Postpartum baby carrier training) classes

The class starts with a work-out block, and the stretching section cannot be missing from the training in the end either, while in between the focus gets on the perineal muscles, which should be an important part of all the trainings for women. Prepare for an intense 45-50 minute block of training, focusing on the critical zones, such as the thighs, butt, and abs, with amazing music and a fantastic feeling! If you would like to improve your stamina, but the time has not yet come for more intense class types, either together with your child or without your child (you decide), but the perfect choice is KangaMom!


You do not have to be afraid from your rectus diastasis to come out again, there will be no exercises loading your perineal muscles, and still, the class forms the critical zones of your bidy extremely well, while improving your stamina! If you are pass the after-birth regeneration period, the more intense bodyforming class can come, with trainers, who pay careful attention on the after-birth body and mind! You can find all this in our Kangatraining class!

Kanga Burn 

Thanks to the functional exercises, this type of training improves stamina extremely. It is a high-intensity interval training (HIT), so calorie-burning is guaranteed after the class as well. Do not forget to bring appropriate sportswear and close-fitting clothes, as the skipping-rope is an often used equipment during the class.


When should you come?

  • If you are a mother

  • If you passed the after-birth regeneration

  • If you would like to gain back your body-shape from before giving birth

  • If you would like to improve your stamina

  • If you would like to strengthen your perineal muscles

  • If you would like to form your critical body-zones

  • If you like good music and great company