Get the most out of yourself and cross your limits!

- The name Tae-Bo comes from a combination of the words taekwondo and box
- During the training, the martial arts experience is mixed with dance elements

- High intensity training
- Contributes to cardiovascular fitness
- Strengthening and improving endurance and flexibility
- It is made up of punches, kicks and steps that are easy to follow and easy to learn
- Good mood and sweating are guaranteed

- Fiber and fat burning effect
- Makes the muscles toned
- Shapes waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and torso muscles

- High energy workout, burns 600-800 calories in a single 60 minute hour

- Intense movement to the music also has a good effect on the soul, helps to relieve excess tension 


When should you come?

-  If you would like to improve stamina

-  For losing weight

-  If you do not prefer classes with choreography


Step out of your comfort zone and be part of an amazing and crazy workout! Get addicted to it!