Fit Mix


You can easily achieve the desired aesthetic and proportionate body with it!

  • The perfect combination of strength and shape training!

  • Seasoned with colorful tools!

  • Dumbbells, fit ball balls, step benches, bodybar and more!

  • Get ready for a fantastic atmosphere!


From beginners to advanced athletes, everyone will find what they are looking for! Using a variety of tools will allow you to find the right challenge for you according to your skill level! 


When should you come?

  • - If you would like to become more fit and healthy

  • - If you would like to lose weight or gain muscles

  • - If you are looking for a quick changer

  • - If you are already in shape, or you would like to get in shape

  • - If you like challenges and you are persistent

  • - If you like training in various ways, and you are open for new steps and exercises

  • - For all age-groups

  • - If you like good company and you are ready to exercise with great music

  • - You will be able to see the result quickly!

The flow of the class takes you, while even you do not notice, you are pushing your boundaries constantly! It’s addictive!